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Mind the Gap Challenge

Mind the Gap is a national programme, aimed at schools, to get every school-age child online at home.
Schools who believe that this is already the case are invited to be recognised as a Digitally Inclusive school.

Schools that believe this is important are invited to join OVER 160 others and register so that we can direct resources that will help them ensure each of their pupils can go online at home for their homework, revision and research.

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About our partners

e-Learning Foundation
The e-Learning Foundation helps schools and families provide computers, educational software and internet access to all school children. Read more... is a Q&A community that aims to help parents to keep up with the opportunities and challenges of raising happy, healthy, well-balanced children in a connected world... one question at a time. Read more...

Push for your MPs support

Encourage your local MP to back the Mind the Gap campaign. Don't know your MP?

Sponsor the campaign

Please give whatever you can to help equip this country's lowest income families with internet access, and help children connect to our digital world from their home.

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Pledge your support for the campaign to close the digital skills gap in this country, and help the next generation access the best learning experiences, whatever their living situation.